Group Work

Utilizing Mindfulness & Reiki in Healing the Effects of Trauma

Topics will include:

• Psycho-education on how traumatic events effect the body and mind. Specifically how sometimes we have body memories but no concrete memories of traumatic events.

• Psycho-education on current research on how somatic approaches and mindfulness practices can assist in healing the effects of trauma

• Exercises to assist you in learning to listen to your body so you can understand how your experiences have affected your body and mind

• Exercises will be explored on how to identify your unique resources and how to utilize them in your healing. Additional resource skills will be taught

• Psycho-education and exercises will be taught on how to use mindfulness and Reiki, a Japanese relaxation technique which research has shown can reduce the effects of stress on the body and mind, to reduce the effects of trauma.

Who: Women who have experienced a traumatic event or childhood trauma. This group is limited to 6 women.

When: TBA

Where: WellPath Counseling, 1720 NW Lovejoy St, Ste 115, Portland, OR 97209

Cost: $240

Register: Contact