Practice Rate: 

WellPath charges a rate of $180 for individuals, couples and families.  If you are paying out of pocket, at the time of service, we offer a range of $100- $130 depending on the therapist.  Please contact us for specific rate for the clinician of your choice.  
If you are using insurance, you may be responsible for paying a co-pay at the time of service.  Please check with your insurance company to confirm your mental health benefits.

Free Consultation

A good counselor is the one that’s a good fit for you. In order to see if we are a good fit, we offer a one-time 15-minute free of charge phone session. 

Payment Methods

Payment is due at the time of service.  Cash, checks, all major credit/debits cards, and HSA cards are accepted.  Please note use of credit/debit cards we apply a small service fee with each transaction.  When using checks please make it out to Wellpath Counseling Services, LLC. 

Can I Use Insurance? 

Some of our therapists accept insurance, but not all are in-network providers.  You may go to the About Page to see what insurance each of our therapists accepts.  When you contact us, please discuss whether you want to use insurance or not.  

When using your insurance, you may be responsible for a co-pay at the time of service. Sessions are billed at rates determined by the insurance companies.   Please note that to bill insurance our therapists must provide a mental health diagnosis that will be shared with the insurance company.  In some instances, insurance may only cover certain diagnoses. If you have any questions or concerns, please be sure to discuss them when you are scheduling your appointment.   

What About Using an Out of Network Benefit? 

You may use an out-of-network benefit for our services with our therapists who are not in-network. If you are using an out-of-network benefit, full payment is due at the time of service, but you may receive a reimbursed percentage of your out of pocket expenses from your insurance carrier. Please contact your insurance company to inquire about out-of-network benefits for mental health services.  WellPath Counseling offers complimentary billing for out-of-network benefits. Below are some helpful questions to ask your insurance company.   

  • Does your insurance pay for out-of-network providers?  
  • What percentage of the fee is covered per therapy sessions?    
  • Is there a cap on my mental health sessions per calendar year?  
  • Do I need to get a referral from my primary care physician before I see a therapist?  
  • How long does it take to get my reimbursement? 


Get in Touch:

We welcome you getting in touch. Please call us at 503-803-9545 or email: info@wellpathcounseling.com to schedule an appointment.