I became a therapist for a lot of reasons, but chief among them is that I find it incredibly inspiring to be a part of the process of assisting people on their journeys.  I’ve also seen many therapists myself, and have had both positive and negative experiences, and this has informed my outlook.  I want clients to feel that they can tell me when things are going well and also when they’re not.  I’m not infallible, and I’m not the expert on you.  YOU are the expert on you, and I appreciate you teaching me while I help guide you. 

When therapy is good, when it’s collaborative, and there’s a powerful rapport between the client and therapist, I’ve seen therapy be transformative.  That said, I am not able to ever guarantee effects from therapy, because so much of that comes from the work from you.  What I can guarantee is that I will work with you, and that I will always believe in you and the capacity to change and grow.

I live in Portland with my partner, a hyperactive mini dachshund, and a cat who’s really over it.  I love gardening, biking, hiking, painting, taking pictures, and traveling around and exploring as much as I possibly can, sometimes with the doggo. 



Masters of Counseling Psychology, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, California

Bachelors of English Language & Literature, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Advanced Training:

White Fragility: Multicultural Issues in Therapy (August 2018)

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in ADHD (July 2018)

Advancing Clinical Skills for Psychological Trauma Therapy (July 2018)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis (February 2017)

Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (February 2016)

Sex Educator Training (October/November 2013)

Domestic Violence Training (October/November 2013)