Finding a therapist can be an intimidating process, and we are all aware that each of us can experience difficult times that often makes this process even scarier.  That is why finding a caring, safe and compassionate space is essential when seeking extra support. This is one of the reasons WellPath Counseling Services, LLC was founded: to provide the highest-quality mental health support while supporting the whole person.  

We believe we have a duty to give back and strengthen community.  We do this by way of supporting the needs of individuals and the people who care about them the most.  We offer a place where you, your partner, and family members can be authentically seen, not labeled and stigmatized.  Here at WellPath we offer a holistic, strengths-based approach where you gain strength through awareness and are supported in building new methods to cope and overcome.

If you are looking for a therapist to help with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, communication skills, reintegration, multicultural concerns, trauma healing, or just need someone to help you through the rough times, we are here to help.   Together, our amazing team, will collaborate with you to support your growth towards health and wellness.

Whats New

Allison Batty-Capps our amazing clinician is offering a new group work please check it out the details.


WellPath Counseling Services, LLC believes in attuning to the health of families, couples, and individuals. Come and Explore all our services.


The right-fit is essential when it comes to finding your therapist.  Explore our top notch therapists and choose the right fit.


The next step is the hardest but you’re only a click away from reaching new awareness, healing, and relief from your struggles.


Our rates are straightforward and we may be able to bill select insurance carriers or offer insurance reimbursement.

We welcome you getting in touch. Please call us at 503-803-9545 or email: info@wellpathcounseling.com to schedule an appointment.